3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments

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$15.00 Entry fee per team.

$60.00 First prize for winner of all Men’s Brackets and $60.00 to the winner of Women’s Bracket

Women’s Bracket September 3 Starting at 6:00pm


Men’s Bracket September 4 Starting at 8:00 am


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Rules posted day of tournament are final.       

    3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Rules                                  


                Each team must be registered as a team by the tournament entry deadline of 9-3-2010 at 12:00 pm (noon). Teams will not be permitted to participate until all fess have been paid and registration form signed by all parties.


                Each team must check in 20 minutes before their first scheduled game.


Team must have three players on the roster. No substitution or new members of team are permitted after the first game. Teams must finish the tournament with the original members listed on the team roster.


                Players may appear on only one (1) team roster. Any player appearing on more than one (1) team roster will be automatically disqualified from participation.       


Players may move up in a division bracket classification group, but under no circumstance may they move down. Players in High school classicification may play in adult division. Men’s and women’s divisions will remain segregated.


                If any of a player’s personal information listed on the team application is inaccurate, the player will be eliminated from participation in the tournament. Discovery at any time after registration of the player in question may also result in elimination of the whole team from further competition.


                Eligibility problems will be enforced from point of discovery. No replay of games or adjustments will be allowed for previous contests and standing involving the team in question.



                Proper gym (basketball) shoes must be worn. All jewelry must be removed (no necklaces, earrings [may be taped over], watches, etc.) We are not responsible for stolen property.


Teams and players must check in with scorekeeper before the beginning of the game. Teams must be at their court at the scheduled game time, even if games are running behind for any reason (inclement weather, slow play, etc.). The final point of reference for scheduling procedures shall be the bracket area, not verbal information provided. The players are ultimately responsible for obtaining accurate scheduling information and being at their court to play when their game is to begin. Game time is forfeit time.


                It is suggested that you be at your court 10 minutes before the scheduled game time and stay there until your game is played. Exception: Only if bye is marked on the bracket. Coin toss by staging official will determine which team takes ball into play first.


Three players must start each game. Games may be completed with any number of players (3,2,1).


                Both teams will warm-up at the same time prior to the start of the game.


                        Team substitution may only be made after a basket is made or during a dead ball period.


                All open wounds should be bandaged; if blood is detected during a game, the official will stop the game until the wound is covered.


                No dunking allowed – warm ups or games. Any participant registered to play in the tournament observed dunking on any basket at any time may be dismissed from the tournament. Entry fee will not be refunded.


             No hanging on rim will be allowed. Anyone called for hanging on rim may be dismissed from game or even tournament as official decides.




                The official will call all fouls and violations.


                At least one official will be assigned to each game.


                Higher authority cannot change the judgment decisions of the court official. Only questions concerning rule interpretations or player eligibility are eligible for appeal.


                Once play resumes after a disagreement or appeal, the decision is considered to be final. No further appeals will be allowed on that incident.



                All Jump balls go to the defensive team.


                After all successful shots, the ball must be checked by the defense and passed in by the offense at the top of the key.


                Each ream is allowed one (1) one minute time outs per game.






                A field goal is worth 1 point.


                A successful goal from behind a designated line is worth 2 points. The player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating the attempt.


                The following scoring rules apply for the junior divisions:


                All games will have a 15-minute time limit. The official starting time will be recorded by the official on the score sheet. The

Official time limit will be under the jurisdiction of the official. (The “clock” will be stopped only during time outs – regular and/or    



                The team leading at the end of 20 minutes will be declared the winner.


                If the game is tied after 20 minutes of play there will be a jump ball and the first team to score wins (sudden death).



                Each player has a limit of four (4) fouls before he or she is fouled out


Shooting fouls will be handled in the following manner: (on or after the 4th Team foul)


                NOTE: One (1) free-throw will be awarded to the fouled player, even if fouled in the act of attempting a shot from behind the 2-point line.



                All intentional or flagrant fouls will be counted as a team foul.





                The official will call all fragrant fouls.


                Definition: A contact foul intended to hurt an opponent, fan or official: or a non-contact foul involving vulgar or verbally abusive behavior.


                Player will be ejected from current game.


Fighting and/or throwing a punch is a flagrant foul and will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Fouls shots will be awarded as described and will result in immediate dismissal of the player(s) from the tournament.



            The Official will call intentional fouls.


                Definition: A contact foul designed to neutralize an opponent’s obvious advantageous

position. It may or may not be premeditated, and is not based on the severity of the act.


Continuous intentional fouling by a team or player may result in dismissal from the game or tournament at the discretion of the tournament official.


                All intentional or flagrant fouls will be counted as a team foul.


                Player misconduct, flagrant or intentional fouling may in immediate dismissal of the guilty player(s) or team from that particular game and/or the tournament at the discretion of the tournament official.