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Non-Negotiables of Faith

  I.        Holy Scriptures

             o     God-breathed

             o     Infallible and inerrant

             o     Sufficient

             o     Authoritative

II.        Doctrine of God

             o     All-Knowing

             o     Is Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth

III.        Trinity

             o     God is one in essence

             o     God is three Persons

             o     The Persons of the Godhead are one in substance, power, and eternity.

IV.        Creation

             o     All things were created by God for His own glory and Pleasure

             o     Man is made in God’s image

 V.        Providence

             o     God sustains His creation now

             o     God is intimately involved with His creation

             o     God provides for His creation

VI.        Original Sin

             o     Adam was and is the representative of all unredeemed people

             o     When Adam fell, all humanity fell in Adam

             o     All are sinners by nature

             o     Man is born dead in trespasses and sin

             o     By nature man is a child of wrath

VII.        The Holy Spirit

             o     Is fully God

             o     Is a Person

             o     Convicts of sin

             o     Applies the work of Christ

             o     Regenerates sinners (absolute necessity for salvation)

             o     Sanctifies and comforts those who belong to Christ

VIII.        Person of Christ

             o     Was and is eternally God

             o     Took to Himself human flesh

             o     His divine Person was joined with a full human nature yet without sin

             o     Was born of a virgin

             o     Lived a sinless life

             o     Is the Messiah and only Savior

             o     Bodily death, resurrection, and ascension

             o     The only way to the Father

             o     Is Prophet, Priest, and King

IX.        Gospel

             o     All of grace

             o     Good news

             o     Christ as a substitutionary sacrifice on the cross

             o     Christ as a free gift of righteousness

             o     Christ as the wrath-bearer on the cross

             o     Christ as Lord

             o     Christ as High Priest

             o     Only Mediator between God and man

 X.        Justification

             o     Forensic (legal) declaration

             o     Imputation of man’s sin to Christ

             o     Imputation of Christ’s righteousness to man

             o     By faith apart from works

XI.        Grace

             o     God saves by grace alone

             o     Man does not earn or merit any favor of God

             o     God saves to the glory of His grace

XII.        Repentance and Faith

             o     Man must turn from the love of sin to the love of God

             o     Man must turn from unbelief to faith in Christ

             o     Man must turn from being lord of his own life to the Lordship of Christ

             o     Repentance and faith are gifts of God

XIII.        Good Works

             o     Necessarily flow from faith

             o     Must be there to show love for Christ

             o     Do not merit grace

XIV.        Law

             o     Must be proclaimed as a tutor to Christ

             o     Teaches men of sin and so the need of Christ

             o     Demonstrates God’s holiness

             o     Humbles and breaks men of self-righteousness

XV.        Church

             o     Consists of true believers

             o     Under the Lordship of Christ

             o     Should be guided by Holy Scripture

XVI.        Baptism

             o     Is for believers only

             o     Is by immersion

             o     Is the sign of the New Covenant

XVII.        Final Judgment

             o     Resurrection to eternal life or eternal death

             o     Resurrection to eternal, conscious torment for the damned

             o     Resurrection to eternal joy in Christ for the believer

XVIII.        Evangelism & Missions

             o     There must be a free proclamation of the gospel to all people

             o     The gospel should go to all nations

             o     The gospel should be proclaimed to local people

             o     Groups of disciples should be gathered in towns and communities

             o     Disciples and churches should be strengthened


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